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Why yes, 5 is an odd number. =]

My pics are really random, just so you knoww haha :D

Mostly Wear: Skirts and leggings. I love flats (I'm wearing my favorite pair right now! ^^ They're just plain black) and layering my clothes. I don't like to wear boring clothing too often (like plain sweatshirts & jeans) unless I'm in the mood to be comfortable.
Favorite Thing/Outfit To Wear: My favorite outifit ... black leggings, my black flats, with a dress layered over the leggings. Nothing too fancy of course, just some type of dress or long shirt on top. :]
Favorite Color To Wear: Turquoise, teal, or a royal blue. Pink is my favorite color but I don't think it looks too great on me. ._.
Always Have With Me: My tokidoki purse! It looks like this:

Toldja they were randommm

vote? =]
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