kenpachi ramasama in da club (rayquaza) wrote in kh_counterpart,
kenpachi ramasama in da club

5? Most odd.

O HAY. A Bug's Life is on Disney right now. O:

Er, is this body shot-ish enough? I'm on the left! :D

Like I said below, I love big sunnies. x3

Without glasses. The latter picture is less recent. D:

Annnnd how I normally look with my glasses! :D

Mostly Wear: 'Kay, this might be a little long, since I express myself through what I wear. x3 My clothing seriously varies with how I'm feeling! I hate to dress like other people around here. I love (short) dresses worn casually when I'm in a "feeling pretty" mood. On my more laid-back, casual days, I'll most likely an eye-catching shirt and a mini with leggings or jeans. HOOOODIEEEES are so much love. I'm usually wearing Vans or Converse, but I'm somewhat addicted to heels. I buy them too much but only wear them occasionally. xD Also, I AM A MEGANEKKO. I have horrible eyesight, so you'll never catch me without my glasses or contacts. The latter I'm too lazy to wear, so I only use them on special occasions, but I adore big sunnies. On another note, I almost never wear pink or white or makeup ('cept lipgloss, another thing I'm addicted to).
Favorite Thing/Outfit To Wear: Skinnies, a nice top, large beads and heels. Nothing too fancy but not bland either, basically.
Favorite Color To Wear: Black, green, and black+white+red.
Always Have With Me: Cell phone, lip gloss, camera.
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