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Five is not the lonliest number, but it could be...it really, really could.

Honestly, I don't USUALLY wear that much eyeliner. I was however heading to a concert that night.

Standard Issue!Ash Hairstyle. I was posing for a pal's art project there, hence the dorkiness, but but this is an overall good pic of me.

Mostly Wear: A variety of things, really. Depends on what I need to be doing at the time. I guess what the more appropriate answer is is: What do I -not- wear. If you catch me in a sweat suit, shorts or a t-shirt that doesn't have something like tentacles on it, I'm sick and in bed.
Favorite Thing/Outfit To Wear: Long black skirt, red and black top (With aforementioned tentacles...which you may or may not be able to see in the first pic), red/pink/black armwarmers.
Favorite Color To Wear: Apparently black. I also have a bright turquoise sweater that I love blinding people with.
Always Have With Me: My iPod.

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Gotta go with Paine for both style AND looks.
Paine, because you look and dress like her. Especially the first one.
very paine ^^
No one but Paine