Teddy (kadajs_teddy) wrote in kh_counterpart,

I think my guy friends can be the next Fab 5. Except... not flamboyant.

I'm shorter than you think.
This is the closest close-up people will get.

Mostly Wear: Tight (or loose) jeans with... well, the same type of shirt. :3 I make sure to cover myself. A -little- cleavage isn't always a bad thing, just... I'm not going show my breasts off to everyone.
Favorite Thing/Outfit To Wear: Either my AC/DC zip-up hoodie or my UAA (local college) hoodie. In short, I love my hoodies. ^^; Them and my 2-year-old Vans that really should be thrown out now. Black is whiter than them... Now, as far as summer stuff goes, I love kapris and shorts (short or not)
Favorite Color To Wear: Tops - green; pants - blue or khaki
Always Have With Me: A hairtie or one of my hoodies.. Unless it's over 50 degrees.
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